Portrait of Ben

In 6th grade we start focusing on the human figure. This, of course, includes portraits.  Portraits are one of the most difficult things to draw.  The simple reason why is that we, as humans, are able to decipher the most subtle of emotions that run across a face.  These subtle movements in the faces are social indicators that help us communicate.  So when we draw a face and it happens to be off, even by a millimeter, it can read as wrong, to the viewer.

This is an advanced tutorial. I walk through how to draw this portrait (of Ben).


  • 5th grade:  Complete the first 30 minutes of the tutorial on your own, doing your own drawing of Ben. You should watch this twice so you can get the lines accurate. Turn your work in to your Google Drive folder by Friday 7:00 am. Grading is solely about completing the assignment and turning it in. I am not grading on accuracy. If you need help I am available during office hours (Tuesday and Thursday, 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm).
  • 6th grade: Complete the entire portrait, take a photo and send me the final. Turn your work in to your Drive folder by Friday 7:00 am.  Grading is getting the work done and turned in on time.
  • 7th grade & 8th grade: Complete the portrait if you are not working on a long term.  Send me photos of either the completed portrait of Ben or your long-term progress. You must turn in something that shows you worked an hour on art this week.  Want motivation?  Show up and join us on Zoom!  It’s fun to have other artists around – herd mentality can be helpful
  • Those of you working on building a portfolio:  Complete the portrait and visit me in office hours Tuesdays and/or Thursday 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm and we’ll look at discuss process.

Print out references (or use tablet):

Video Tutorial To Follow Along



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