Getting started: Drive, Assignments & Taking Photos

Getting your assignments from Google Drive

Once you log in to Google Drive and have access to your grade folder with a personal email account (you can’t use your @addaclevenger.org account apparently). You will then need to navigate to:  Your grade folder >> + Assignments (folder).  In this folder will be a list of assignments starting with the date it was assigned:

  • I will be using Year Month Date format like this:  2020 03 17 block-in-boot-camp-animals.  This name will make sure things are easier to find by date.
  • Once you click on the image of the assignment with the latest date (and there may be more than one assignment). You will need to get the description for how to do the homework and when it’s due.  I’ve included a screenshot to find that for each image assignment:

Getting Assignments from Google Drive

1: Find the + Assignments folder.
2: Click on the most current date(s) and right click to download.
3: Under “Details” on the right side of the window, scroll all the way down
4: This is the description for how to complete this assignment and how to turn it in.

Google Drive Access

5th grade:

6th grade:

7th grade:

8th grade:

Turning in assignments

Photograph your work. I have included 4 images as examples of what to do and what not to do. Simply put, photograph your image so that it artwork paper fits in the camera frame with parallel edges.  I need to see if the work is accurate and if you send an image at an angle I can’t do that. Other things to consider. Use a window or a bright light at a 45 degree angle from artwork so there are no glares and the image is crisp and in focus. Don’t shoot in low light. Don’t have areas that are covered by shadows. Lot’s of rules but I need to be able to get you the most accurate information so your work stays accurate.

Upload complete and work in progress assignments

Upload complete and work in progress assignments to the folder with YOUR NAME on it.  You can rename it using the same date format I use.  Once you’ve turned in your work.  Email me and let me know you are done OR if you have questions.

For those working on long term projects.

Take a photo before you start for the day and after you’ve started so I can see progress and help with error correction.  Upload everything and let me know by numbers or letters.  I suggest the following format:

  • 2017 03 17 a – starting today
  • 2017 03 17 b – question about edges
  • 2017 03 17 c – done for the day


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