Drawing Cartoons 1

Drawing cartoons is the ultimate doodling.  It’s fun and a great way to be creative.  There are a few ways to get started drawing cartoons.  First, I would find a cartoon style (show, character, superhero) that you like and just copy it until you get the basics.  The basics always start with a simple block-in and simple shapes.

Take a look through this gallery and notice that body-types define your characters.  You can easily make 3 or 4 characters bu choosing simple shapes and adding a head and legs.  Faces are also simple shapes and should have a cross hairs so you understand where the character is facing.  I’ve provided these as references so you can either use them to create your own characters or start by piecing together different faces on body-types.

Clothing goes on after the basic shape is created. Same with hair.  Work your details in last.  Have fun!

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